Project: Kyle's Big Fat Head

Kyle's Big Fat Head

Click here to download Kyle's Big Fat Head for Quake III Arena.

This file will need to be unzipped and placed in Quake's baseq3 folder.
* Some users may need to create a "models/players/kyle" folder under baseq3 to be able to access Kyle from the player select screen (The folder can be empty).


Project: Kyle's Big Fat Head came about after playing Kyle and listening to his endless hours of trash talk during games of Quake. I thought, "What would be the ultimate Quake diss?" I came up with a composite in Photoshop of what I'd like a model to look like.
Kyle's Big Fat Head Original Composite


Kyle Update- Starting on the face
Starting on the face

Kyle Update- Head and bottle
The face and bottle mostly finished

Kyle Update- First Working Copy
First working copy

At the time there really was not that many ways of getting a model into Quake III. You could own a copy of Studio Max3D or... well that was pretty much it. Since I didn't have an extra $4000 grand or the machine to run it on lying around, I kept looking for an inexpensive or shareware 3D program that could handle the task, but to no avail. The game was just too new. Finally I stumbled across MilkShape 3D which is a $20 program designed specifically for creating low polycount game models. At the time it did not have Quake III support, but it was supposedly on the way, so I started working. I've never really worked that much in 3D. Most of the stuff I do is in 2D, bitmaps and vectors, so there was a little bit of a learning curve. Especially since the software was Danish (I think) and there was very little in-depth how-to info (Hey, you get what you pay for.).

Mete, the creator of MilkShape 3D, recently added Quake III support so I was finally able to get Kyle's Big Fat Head into Quake and test him out.

Kyle in Action- Screen shots from Quake III
00- Loading up a level 01- Looking in the mirror 02- Firing plasma gun on steps 03- Without a weapon 04- Quad with railgun
Loading up a level Looking in the... Firing plasma g... Without a weapon Quad with railgun
05- Looking up by lava 06- Firing plasma gun in corner 07- Kyle with plasma looking up from carnage 08- Kyle chaos 09- Kyle with machine gun
Looking up by lava Firing plasma gu... Kyle with plas... Kyle chaos Kyle with machin...
10- Kyle with rocket launcher 11- Quad Kyle flyin through the air 12- Quad Kyle 13- You want some of this
Kyle with rocket... Quad Kyle flying... Quad Kyle You want some...


I then taped a conversation with Kyle on his cell phone and added the sound clips to the model. The original sound files were really quite horrible, due to lots of interference on Kyle's cell, and the fact that it was recorded over a phone line. I had to run the files through noise reduction software to clear them up and make them usable, but they ended up working quite nicely.

I've also added special shading to the model. Currently his bottle of Bombay Sapphire glows along with the end of his cigarette. I originally tried having the liquor drool running out of his mouth appear to flow down his chin, but it was just too much going on.

Everything works right now. The only thing I need to add is animation and bot support. The Quake engine handles his head looking up and down, left and right; but he currently does not have any unique animation (Such as a death animation, taunt, run, or idle.). Hopefully I will be able to add this soon, so this should still be considered a BETA version.



MilkShape 3D - Low poly-count model program great for making mods.

Polycount - Custom models and skins. A good place to look for info on how to make your own model.

PlanetQuake - All things Quake. BRING IT!

Check out what some people had to say about the model over on the "Previews 'n Pimping" message board at Polycount. (Kimmbel is my fat Jewish cousin Mike and FaggotBitch is Josh, in case you were wondering.)

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions (Remember, this is my first little jaunt into the land of custom Quake models, so be gentle).