Santa Barbara Rollin'
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All photos except last two courtesy of Kyle (aka- Captain Caddie)
Pharida being Pharida, Justin being Justin Justin meditating Zombie boy Zombie boy- the sequel Talk to the hand
Pharida being... Justin meditatin... Zombie boy Zombie boy- the... Talk to the hand
The making of Pharida Ahhh... God bless UCSB I know this looks really gay, but it's not what you think! Happy Camper Focus KYLE!
The making of... Ahhh... God ... I know this ... Happy Camper Focus KYLE!
Cruisin' Keystone Kickin' Holly- the day after Snoopin' through Marina's room Morning Marina
Cruisin' Keystone Kickin' Holly- the day... Snoopin' through... Morning Marina
Just sackin' Justin, Holly, and Marina hangin out Walking into the light
Just sackin' Justin, Holly, an... Walking into th...

Mr. Pibb- It goes down good


This is a great little ditty... About half way up to Santa Barbara, we stop for food. Now the only thing is that we're ridin' in Kyle's Caddie. He can't stand it when people eat in his car; he's always worried about people dropping crumbs in the seats and what have you... That being the case, we end up going through an El Pollo Loco drive-thru because he's getting antsy to get up to Santa Barbara (i.e.- NEEDS BOOZE FAST!).

I'm quite thirsty, so I ask them to upgrade my combo drink to an Extra Large Mr. Pibb. Kyle starts giving me a load of crap on how I always have to be difficult with everything. The order for four of us ends up coming in a big bag and I'm handed the duty of dishing out the orders. So I put my nice big 44oz of Mr. Pibb on the ground so I can hand the stuff out... Kyle takes off and hits a corner... and all I hear is a "SPLOOOSH!" by my feet.

"Kyle pull over."

"What do you mean, "PULL OVER?""

"Just pull over!"


You get the picture.

It was great. Almost the entire 44oz drink had poured out onto the passenger side. I was staring down at a giant brown puddle lapping against my feet. Hey, how was I supposed to know that they didn't put the lid on right or that we were going to hit the corner and the drink was going to spill... hehehe...

So I ended up scooping out handfuls of soda while Kyle went nuts, his hair shooting out of his head faster than that chick's crotch in La Blue Girl (you know what I'm talking about).

At the end I just had to ask, "Hey Kyle, do you think we can go back? I need a refill."


Mr. Pibb- Kyle Cannon

Look Kyle, they made a toy where you get to launch the Caddie out of a Mr. Pibb can!