New Years 2000 title
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Tina Kickin' It hELP mE You see, the more I smoke, the less glue I have to sniff You know I hate you don't you?
Tina Kickin' It hELP mE You see, the... You know I hate...
Girls! Girls! Girls! If that's not happiness, I don't know what is Get him off me! It's OK Katherine, it's only Matt's Spider-Man shirt
Girls! Girls! Girls! If that's not... Get him off me! It's OK Kath...


Howdy! Here's some pics that Kevin and Brigitte sent me of New Years. Kevin's were captured from his video camera so the resolution is a little low. (There are a few that you can click on to get a bigger view.)

From Brigitte:
Justin trying to force himself on a bed full of women...


Mr. Looks Like He Parties all the Time but Really Doesn't Chia actually partying!


Today on Unsolved Mysteries: We go in search for the reason WHY?!? Justin must go topless at every party. Some believe that it is the only way he can show off his 24-Hour Fitness membership...



Sorry I'm not in this pic, but I was totally making out in the corner....

Ummm, Tina, do you think I could get a kiss?


But it's New Years, and I was thinking we could at least once this year...



From Kevin:
Veronica, Nora, and Brigitte kicking it on the couch.
Kyle and Brett trying to see who can get wasted the fastest.
Brigitte ducking for cover.
Pharida and Brigitte shmoozing for the camera.
Veronica and Brett freaking on the dance floor.
Freak Sandwich!
Actual quote: "That's Justin's uncle?!? He just asked me to show my bra for some beads!"
Uhhh, hey, how's it going?
Justin trying to slip Kyle some tongue in the heat of the night.
Justin desperately trying to convince the world he's not gay, all the while wearing his favorite West Hollywood shirt.
Is this what it was like growing up? I actually think that it's illegal in all 50 states.
Pharida struggling to stand up straight, using poor Natalie as a brace.
Nora enjoying herself.
Angela, Kevin, and Phuff.
Phuff and Marisa getting all mushy.


How come there are never any hot moms at these things that I can hook up with? Wait a minute, that happened at the last party!

Can we go yet? I'm missing Ice Skating!

Uncle Mike hawking beads and Peter giving lectures on how to get banned from Justin's house for life.