Little Woman
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For some reason this page seems to be one of the most popular on my site. I guess people are just curious to see what Tina might be like when she's not playing the part of the shy mute. Or maybe everyone is still trying to figure out why we even hang out together (...if anyone does, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!).

You might be asking yourself, "This is page is called 'Little Woman' but I'm seeing more of Big Fruit!" Well I took off some of the Tina pages. Tina hates every one of her pictures, and after constant (I'm talking every frickin' day) nagging, I moved off some of the links. Hoping against hope to shut her up. That's not to say that I'm whipped, just exhausted. As a matter of fact, anyone who's ever traced pictures off of Am I Hot or Not can find the missing pics. I've said too much... I can already hear the sledgehammer dropping on my nuts.

Reading on the couch (In White) Getting Down- 1 Getting Down- 2 Giving Jar Jar a Special Kiss Happy couple looking into camera
Reading on the c... Getting Down Getting Down Giving Jar Jar a... Happy couple loo...
Jesse sitting on the couch Laying down Petting Spot Playing with the Sony digital camera Possessed
Jesse sitting on... Laying down Petting Spot Playing with the... Possessed
Showing the Sony digital camera Sleeping Baby Striking a Sexy Pose Tina as Mai the Psychic Tina eating happy
Showing the Sony... Sleeping Baby Striking a Sexy ... Tina as Mai the ... Tina eating happy
Tina eating not happy Tina pushing the wall Super Happy! Tina sitting Tina sitting smiling
Tina eating not ... Tina pushing the... Super Happy! Tina sitting Tina sitting smi...
Tina sitting down smiling Tina happy (In White) Tina trying to hide from camera (In White) Cutie  
Tina sitting dow... Tina happy Tina trying to h... Cutie  


Don't forget to check out-

Tina's Hidden Page Tina's infamous Special Hidden Page- This used to be an Easter Egg on my old job's website. Users use to have to click on the donor circle on the picture of my driver's license on the webmaster's page to get to it. Wow, talk about a treat!

Dr. Tas as an Unemployed Dot-Commer on The Onion Dr. Tas as an Unemployed Dot-Commer on The Onion- Tina's brother Tas on The Onion (I like all the man-purses that they're wearing.).