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Our big movie break! Too bad the movie sucked...

I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith movies. Why? Cause they're made for nerds. They talk about comics and Star Wars. The writing is always a hoot (even though the directing is notoriously shitty). Plus the films are just filled with classic moments. So when I heard on the net that Kevin Smith was going to be doing scenes in LA and would be casting extras for his next movie I hopped on it. Cody, Tom, a bunch of Cody's friends and I went up for the open casting call in LA. Pretty much everyone got in that went early enough.

The next week we had to show up at the crack of dawn for filming that was going to take place at the El Rey Theater in LA. We spent most of the day, night, and into the early morning hanging around waiting to film, but it was awesome. The scenes were going to be the last in the movie and it was filled with cameos from actors of Smith's other films. Plus they were going to film a concert scene with Morris Day and the Time. We all ended up in the film (mostly blurry and in the background), though the fun was just being on the set and getting to see stars like Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams in person.


Me The two Codys Crowd Scene
Me The two Codys Crowd Scene