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The Halloween before, Kyle and I had decided to go as Thulsa Doom and Conan from the classic film Conan the Barbarian. Well Kyle flaked, and when I finally got around to putting on my costume on Halloween, I realized without Arnold's muscles someone in a Conan outfit looks kind of like a caveman or Tarzan. But I had already Naired my chest twice so there was no turning back. Just like the opening to Conan- "That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."

So I headed up to West Hollywood with Justin (as Solid Snake from Metal Gear) to party with the kids at Pharida's new pad. It was kind of a bummer that is was a work night, plus they had just come out with the warning to watch out for new terrorist attacks that could happen anyday. Though seeing Justin's young UCSB siblings displaying their party skills made up for any shortcomings the night might have had... That and Justin spending the entire night cruising around in a cardboard box.


Barbarian with glasses Crom! Yay! Timmy striking a pose Carpenter Kent seeing through Snake's disguise
Barbarian with... Crom! Yay! Timmy striking... Carpenter Kent...
Come Get Some Group of Weirdos Group minus Justin The Rossettis Unemployed Engineer and Friends
Come Get Some Group of Weirdos Group minus... The Rossettis Unemployed Eng...
Tim, I don't think you realize how hard it is to find a costume that only shows off your boobs Riddle of Steel The Finest Stock We're getting MARRIED! I know it's West Hollywood, but.
Tim, I don't... Riddle of Steel The Finest Stock We're getting... I know it's West...
Cody and Katherine struggling to smile Whoever took this picture should be ashamed of themselves Kevin is paralyzed while Justin contemplates what's the true color of an Orc Puss Kyle cowers from the might of Conan  
Cody and Kath... Whoever took... Kevin is paral... Puss Kyle cow...  
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102-0224_IMG 01a27015 01a27016 carrottop&phone  


Flaccid Snake