Halloween 2000 title


Where to begin?

Halloween was starting to suck. No cool costumes... little fun. Then came the challenge! That next year Kyle would be me and I would be him. The gauntlet had been thrown down.

All year we talked shit, then on Halloween we brought it. Witness the results.

Oh, and Veronica once again showed the world her magnificent breasts.


01- Close-up 02- Close-up (full head) 03- Veronica and the nuns 04- Even in character Kyle can't resist the temptation of Diet Coke 05- Brigitte as Wonder Woman
Close-up Close-up (full... Veronica and the... Even in charact... Brigitte as Won...
06- Kyle and Jesse or Jesse and Kyle 07- Veronica showing off the product 08- Veronica, full display 09- Veronica up close 10- Matt, Kyle, Jesse, and Cody
Kyle and Jesse... Veronica showin... Veronica, full... Veronica up clo... Matt, Kyle, Jes...
11- Facing off
Facing off


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