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Separated at Birth
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Separated at Birth


Taking an idea and making it even better is the American way... or is that the Japanese? Oh well, all that matters is that Rob is a damn good American. Why? Because he used his insight to crop off just Kyle's portrait from this pic and then post it up as a personal ad.

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What is even better is that he got responses back! Some chick actually thought that Kyle would make a personal ad where he's dressed up in a Star Trek outfit and smirking at the camera- "I'm sorry to say I'm not an engineer, But I am the ultimate Trekkie. I know all the Star Wars movies back to front. I have been Playing D & D since I was 12. I'm an Admin Assist. I'm 23. I have long brown hair, Brown eyes and an unbelievable smile. If you can see past my one minor flaw I would like to chat. Amie"