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Rob being taught by his Master!
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Rob being taught by his Master!


> What the hell? I would have to play late tonight (late for Rob = 9pm), if
> we do play. eHNC is having their all hands meeting at Gordon-Biersch with
> free beer (woo hoo). Now my only problem is trying to make it my TaeKwonDo
> class while intoxicated.

Fred Villari: Hackett-san you look very funny tonight. What is problem?
Rob: Well Master Sensei Villari, I had to go to a work dinner tonight and
Sensei Villari: ENOUGH HACKET-SAN! No Excuses! Tonight we practice special kata that I design. Called Wu-Lo-No-Nut. Hackett-san, you will lead the class!
Rob: Ummm Sensei, I'm not sure that would be the best idea. You see I had an entire bottle of beer with my co-workers and I'm a little mes-
Sensei Villari: ENOUGH! Begin! Do not make me show you why I am the master of Fred Villari Shaolin Kempo Karate Kung-FuŽ™. I CAN BEAT A MAN TO UNCONSCIOUSNESS IN UNDER FORTY MINUTES!!!!
Rob: Yes MASTER!!!