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I never knew this kind of party scene existed in Orange County. It's like Mardi Gras, but without the beads. The year before this was my first 4th of July in the "War Zone" as the locals call it, and I was blown away.

The police barricade the main street into the section of Newport Beach where my friend Justin lives. They then block off each side street and position cops on either end. No cars are allowed in, and the streets fill with massive amounts of young people looking to party. House parties spill into the streets, with some houses so crowded that even the roofs are filled. I don't think I've ever seen soooo many hot chicks in one place. Most of the day we would just hang off the balcony and act like construction workers.


Heather preparing to put Kyle into a submission hold What you say about my daughter white boy Random chicks with dudes getting in the way Ummm... yeah More random chicks
Heather prepar... What you say... Random chicks... Ummm... yeah More random ...
Chris! Watch out for the breast monster behind you. She's getting ready to charge Scopin' the view Kyle don't look now, but here comes more hot chicks Smiling in front of the crowd Kyle with Chris lurking in the shadows next to a random party house
Chris! Watch out... Scopin' the view Kyle don't look... Smiling in front... Kyle with Chris...
Girls Gone Wild- Southern CA Jesse Senses Tingling This is my side of the beach, that's yours. What's the problem Chris, Heather, and Tom lookin cool Hey guys this is Newport Beach, not Laguna
Girls Gone Wild... Jesse Senses... This is my side... Chris, Heather,... Hey guys this...
It's called ass Katherine Drama behind Justin's house More drama. Check out the puddle of blood! Whoever smelt it, dealt it  
It's called ass... Drama behind... More drama. ... Whoever smelt...  
Justin's Contribution