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The first few pictures are from Amir's Garden in Griffith Park in LA. The Thavis had a double birthday potluck for both Timmy and Marina.

The rest of the pictures are from a couple weeks later where Pharida got this pimp hotel room overlooking the Sunset Strip. She figured that we needed to properly celebrate Marina turning 21 (i.e.- get shitfaced drunk). Everyone had dinner at this cheese dick country bar where Kyle almost got his drunk ass in a couple of fights. Next was a club called Goldfinger in Hollywood, which had the most random DJ mix I've ever heard. AC/DC then James Brown then Guns 'n Roses then Prince... but it was a lot of fun. I was just surprised at how quick Marina was able to pick up drinking for it being her first time and everything...


Potluck at Amir's Justin seconds before pushing Tina down the hill Heather you can let go now. It's been ten minutes The Thavis minus Timmy George and his hoochie daughters
Potluck at Amir... Justin seconds... Heather you can... The Thavis min... George and his...
That's not fair. Your mom's not there to defend herself Party Kids Enough to feed the needy Smashed The morning after
That's not fair... Party Kids Enough to feed... Smashed The morning after