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*Links with this color are NEWSGROUPS

Links in Bold are favorites of mine.

Daily Links- Links with new content that I hit up every day (repeated below).

Digg- Almost all the links on here haven't been updated in years, except this one.

Friends Chris Lindekens' website. This site is always evolving, with each design better than the last! *UPDATE*- Used to be Chris Rossetti's site featuring his artwork and other stuff. This is the site that Chris runs and constantly updates himself. Used to be Older site designed by 'Skins.

Justin's Rap Sheet- a site dedicated to Justin (Actually the site keeps track of what games developers have worked on).

Self Perpetual Looking Glass- Site run at MSN Communities by Cody's friend Brennan. Tons of pics and fun stuff (I really like the PCH flasher and the party pics). So if you're looking for all the latest on Cody's extra hep friends, check it out.

SkimOnline- The largest skimboarding site around, and it's run by Aaron Peluso! Damn if this site doesn't look professional.

Apex Studios- Brigitte's portfolio site. Dan Cota's experiment in over simplification. Quaintance's site. For a real mind blower (especially if you knew Jeff in high school), check out the pics of his wife and two daughters!

Dana Hills High School- Actually a cool idea for finding lost friends. Be sure to check out the Alumni section (CLASS OF '93!!! Whoooo... uhhh... that felt pathetic).

Fun Sites

The Stile Project- I thought I'd seen intense and hardcore until I witnessed this site. One man's daily rant on society. A must for any sicko.

The Onion America's Finest News Source- I love the Onion. I've always loved fake journalism stuff (UCSD's Koala is a great example). Maybe because of all the years I spent being tormented in student journalism.

Phil Hendrie - Official Website- GOD! *UPDATE*- Used to listen to this site everyday until those bastards at Premiere started charging for streaming audio. Thanks assholes! Or if you're Josh, you can no longer listen to Art Bell for free.

sputnik7- Check out all of the cool anime and music videos. A lot of this stuff you would usually have to buy, but with this site and a broadband connection, you can just sit back and watch fullscreen. AWESOME! (I recommend a healthy dose of Junk Boy for starters.)

The Internet Archive- Wayback Machine- This is one of the coolest things on the net. After losing hope for awhile after all of the dot-bombs, it's nice to finally see something new and fun.

sodaplay- Hours of yummy fun constructing wireframe creatures. One of the most original and fun sites out there. Check out the Marbles game. I play that just about as much as Bejeweled on the Zone. Just a bunch of files. Used to be "The Stash." Be sure to click on the "Videos" link, that's where you'll find all of the good stuff! *UPDATE*- Used to be "The Stash." It also used to have a lot more cool stuff.

How Stuff Works- The name says it all.

Video Games

GameSpot- My Daily Radar replacement.

The Gaming Intelligence Agency- Nerdcore gaming news. Pretty much what Daily Radar used to be, but with a bunch of members only crap.

FilePlanet- The place to go for all your game downloading needs.


PlanetQuake- All things Quake. BRING IT!

Quake3World- A lot like PlanetQuake, but with a helpful forum.

Milkshape 3D- Low poly-count model program great for making mods. I used this software to create Kyle's Big Fat Head for Quake III.


Cinescape Online- All of the great movie gossip online, in one spot. The spot for Star Wars gossip. All things official and Lucas.

UCLA Film and Television Archive- These guys have great movie screenings now and again.

American Cinematheque- At the Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. This is a great place to see a film if you're in the LA area. Tina and I actually ran into Matthew Sweet at a screening of an old noir film.


Anime on DVD- Great spot to check out if you are planning on getting any Anime on DVD.

banzai anime- Super cool anime store in West LA.

Ultimate Animanga Archive- Cool place to find info on your favorite series.


DVD Price Search- If you are going to buy a DVD, you HAVE to check out this site.

Tai Seng- The place to go if you're looking for some great Hong Kong DVDs.

alt.binaries.mp3.bootlegs- Bootlegs. I've found some neat-o Matthew Sweet stuff here.

Hip Hop Check out News on the DL! Keep on keepin it real for the underground!

the 411 online- Hip Hop news. The best from the West.

alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.rap-hiphop- Non-stop Hip-Hop!


Macromedia- The Mothership! Macromedia is always doing something cool with design tools. They never let me down. The big guy. Solid design. Not quite as risk taking as Macromedia, but is there a better product than Photoshop? Plus, I live in Acrobat. Graphics training. I use it for her Inspiration section.

amoeba corp- Really wild Flash design.

VFXPro- Articles on all the latest visual design in motion pictures.

Animation World Network- Covers the world of animation.

The Art of Craig Mullins- Artist that Justin introduced me to. Some impressive concept work. Author of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics. Lots of great concepts on this site. Forums- A great forum for the latest in digital art from amatuers all the way up to some freaking amazing pros.


1001 Fonts- The name says it all.

rotodesign- FREE FONTS! And cool design..

Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Larabie Fonts

fontastic! - free + shareware fonts

Comicraft Font Catalog- Fonts for sale that are used in many of the major comics.

Blambot! Comic Fonts- Tons of really great FREE fonts.

Microsoft Typography- I know... an oxymoron, but if you are doing type work on a Windows machine check this site out for fonts, utilities, and info.

Computer Stuff

DaveCentral- great site for programs and utilities same as above, but a little more mainstream and broad

Price Watch- nice place to check out the latest street prices for stuff.

Cable Modem the spot for optimizing the old cable modem or dsl.

WinGate- proxy software I use when I have to.

Gibson Research Corporation- click on the "Shield Up" section to test the security of your internet connection.

HTML Stuff

ARIN Whois- IP address lookup. Tells you who an IP address belongs to.

Matt's Script Archive- lots of perl scripts.

Search Engine Software For Your Web Site This is where I start when I have an html question.

Director Stuff

Director Online- the source for info and news on Macromedia Director.

Director Web- education based resource. Lots of info, but not as organized or professional as DOUG above.

Macromedia Director Support- the Mothership

Developer Dispatch- Director and Lingo Forum

The Mile-High Table O'Products

Flash Stuff

We're Here Forums!- Large Flash targeted resource center.

mooch>> web>> flash- Flash resource with quite a few examples.


Crucial Technology- Place I go to for quality cheap RAM.
Obey your master!