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Fun Sounds
Beavis & Butthead
The Crippled Masters
Celebrity Prank Calls


Taped phone conversation with Josh and Rob-

-Do I like homosexuals?
-How fast is it
-Is this all you're gonna do?
-Josh Wisdom
-Lick my
-Mike's a big man
-Oh really- that's pretty good
-Rob- Mike kicks a little too much ass
-Rob- Oh lick my
-Rob- Shut up
-Rob- YEAH!
-Rob- You can't go wrong with Mike
-Rob's an asshole
-Talking to Rob
-What do you have against Mike

Fun Sounds...

Kyle at the airport

Ninja Gaiden II Intro Soundtrack-
I used Nesticle to copy the sound and then converted it to mp3. Damn this intro rocks, and yes, DAMN I'M A NERD!

The following files are in .wav format-

You know the side...

Oh my god!-
Sound bite from Snoop's Doggfather.

So long stud!-
My computer's good-bye.

Incoming email.

Dedicated to everyone's favorite little sister.


From Kyle-

"Conan, what is best in life?"

"That's Crom!"

"And if you do not listen... then to HELL with you!"

"A man of great strength."


Various sound files from across the net. Check 'em out if you want to kill some time.

"Thank you sir! May I have another?"- Animal House.

"Autobots, hold your fire."- Optimus, come on, who cares.

"It's a huge shit sandwich, and we're all gonna have to take a bite."- Full Metal Jacket

"You're dead meat pilgrim."- Weird Science

"Come Decepticons, follow me to victory."- Starscream running off at the mouth.

"Game over."- Kyle on a weekend or Mr. Paxton in Aliens.

"Me so horny"- Come on, you know I had to have this one.

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi."- Speak on it Darth Maul.

"What the hell are we suppose to do you mo-ron?"- Animal House

"You're dead meat FOOL!"- Mr. T laying it out.

Perverted Voltron

"Pussy lovers"- from Dusk 'til Dawn

"What's happening hot stuff?"- Long Duc Dong

"Now I have a place to put my hand."- Long Duc Dong

"The Donger need food."- Long Duc Dong

"Stupid fool, what have you done now?"- The Colonel from Akira

"Why you stupid fuck, look at you now!"- Scarface

"They shall all drown in lakes of blood."- Thulsa Doom

"Transform and roll out."- Autobots

Vader vs. Mr. T

Beavis & Butthead-

"We got whores in the city."- Beavis

"Attention, we're looking for the chick with big boobs."- B & B

"Bathe her and bring her to me"- Butthead

"He's fallen and he can't get it up."- Butthead

"You want to see a man boy? I'll show you a man! KICK ME IN THE JIMMY!"- the Coach

"Do you use your nads for anything?"- B & B

"Spank your own monkey all you want but keep your hands off of mine."- Butthead

The Crippled Masters-

The most evil Kung-Fu movie ever made.

"If I don't die, I WILL be a success!"

"All I know is, those against me, like you, DIE!"

"You FOOL! Let me show you how to collect rent."

"If it hadn't been for me using my Kung-Fu, hehe, you guys would have nothing."

"You are normally very stupid..."

"...A man could created unbeatable Kung-Fu."

Celebrity Prank Calls-

Seriously, how can you not realize your talking to Arnold?


Gator Lodge

Cottons BBQ

"I hope you leave enough room for my fist, cause I'm going to ram it into your stomach!"

Hooters- "You lack discipline!"

Gateway- "My CPU is a neuronet processor. A learning computer."

"Sir, I think you have a mental problem." (low-quality Real Audio)

Joe Pesci-

Joe Pesci collection (3MB low-quality)

Al Pacino-

"JIM! You just cost me $6,000!"

"You fairy! You company man!"

"What time do you have?"

"What are you going to do about it asshole?"

"With all the troubles in my life, I'd like to beat your face in..."

"Maybe I don't know who this is."

Norman Bates-

"How's it answering in Norman Bates voice?"

"You're wrong, and I can prove it by hanging up."

"Just like that? I can spend the night?"

"Would you like to suck a dick?"


Check out the Movie Sounds Page for more clips.