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Angie and Eric’s wedding was really beautiful and sweet. They held it at Lynn and Lance’s house right above where Angie grew up. After the wedding there was a brief lunch followed by a reception later on in the evening at Harpoon Henry's down at the Dana Point harbor.


Angie listening carefully Angie chatting after the wedding Angie mingling Cody maybe if you pull out your tie people won't notice you're going bald Pictures by the pool
Angie listening... Angie chatting... Angie mingling Cody maybe if... Pictures by the...
Toasting by the pool Cody and Grandmother Sheridan Grandma gettin' crazy! Bill, Lance, and Grandma Sheridan Tina, Mary Ann, Katherine, Cody
Toasting by the... Cody and Grand... Grandma gettin'... Bill, Lance, and... Tina, Mary Ann,...
Hooligans Heading off into the sunset Tina and Christian (With Theresa, Cody, and Katherine in the back) Christian demonstrating his Iron Claw Kung Fu Tina posing in front of the bridal table
Hooligans Heading off into... Tina and Christi... Christian demo... Tina posing in...
HOT! Cody sucking on a crouton next to Katherine Angie and Eric doing their dance Stuffing cake I love yu Jailbait
HOT! Cody sucking on... Angie and Eric... Stuffing cake I love yu Jailbait
Tina and Christian gettin' down Everyone Dancin'      
Tina and Christi... Everyone Dancin'      
Pics from Eric’s Mom
p24 p22 p20 p23 p21
p24 p22 p20 p23 p21
p19 p3 p15 p18 p13
p19 p3 p15 p18 p13
p9 p10 p14 p2 p1
p9 p10 p14 p2 p1
Wedding pics scanned by Sara
Sara getting friendly

I’ve set up an archived version of Sara’s wedding site
(sometimes it is down due to bandwidth limitations).

You can find wedding pics here and pics of
Sara and her hooligan friends here

You can also go to her original site if you'd like-